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Saving you money

  • Low Priced Gas and Electricity tariffs
  • No Exit or Cancellation Fees
  • Take advantage of price falls into the market
  • Bills that represent your usage
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Simple and easy

  • Simplicity when you need it most
  • Access your account 24/7 with Avro
  • Bills that are simple to read and jargon free
  • Get a quote to see how much you could save with Simple and Save Energy
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UK Customer Support

  • A friendly UK-based customer service team who understand your needs
  • Quick response times when you contact us
  • Clear and Concise communication
  • An open & honest approach — so you know where you stand
  • A speedy solution where required

Simple steps to switching your supplier to Avro

Get a quote

Get a quote online or call Avro Energy direct and a member of our team will be happy assist. It may be useful but not essential to have a recent energy bill on hand.

Initiate switch

We hope that you’re happy with your quote and if so click switch now and enter the details requested. Alternatively instruct a member of our team over the telephone and they would be happy to complete on your behalf.

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Welcome pack including switch date

You will receive your welcome pack via email soon after initiating your switch which will contain your switch date, contract and payment arrangements.


We will then work hard to ensure your switch over the next 28 days is smooth and hassle free.

Switch completed

On your switch date you can be begin to enjoy your savings with excellent priced energy.

No hassle and no installation

There are no pipes, wires or meters to install. We don’t even need to visit your home to switch you to lower energy prices.

Switch and save in

Check our prices it only takes and see how much money you could save.

Latest news


A warm welcome from Avro Energy LTD.

So, who are we? That’s probably what you’re thinking, so here’s the scoop… We’re the new guys on the block providing a simple and low cost energy supply. Taking advantage of falling energy prices we’re hoping to save thousands of you lots of money through our low rates for electricity and gas and we are proud to offer this to our customers. We’re also pretty ethical as you won’t be charged an arm and a leg to leave us, we actually don’t have any exit fees so there’s no pressure if you do decide we aren’t the right supplier for you.

We hope that this “simple and save” approach will appeal to you guys looking for honest service in a scary world of energy, dominated by the big six!

You might be wondering how we can offer this at low cost with no hidden fees, really it’s down to keeping our overheads low. We have a small, friendly and genuine team of customer service advisors that are on hand to answer your questions, generate your quotes and help you with your switch.

This is an exciting time for us and we’d love to have you on board through our journey! Why not visit our website and get a quote today www.avroenergy.co.uk.

Stay up to date with news and saving energy tips.

Bye for now,
Avro team

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Avro Energy offers home energy to consumers with ‘Simple and Save’ tariff.

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As of the , Avro Energy began offering home energy to consumers. The company is seeking to offer consumers an alternative to ‘Big 6’ suppliers — an offering that includes gas and electricity supplied with simplicity and ease.

The company has been the subject to rigorous testing at the hands of market regulators to ensure it is maintaining high standards in the processes it completes, whilst ensuring customers receive the highest level of customer support.

Avro Energy is delighted to offer an alternative in the UK energy market that focuses on lowering the bills of customers and ensuring that their energy supply is hassle free.

We hope to see you join us and take advantage of our low energy prices in the near future!