Unhappy? Let’s Fix That

If we ever make a mistake or do something wrong, please let us know straight away so we can put things right for you as soon as possible.

First, let us know why you’re not happy with us

  • Email us at support@avroenergy.co.uk
  • Call us between 9am and 5:30pm Monday — Thursday 9am and 4:30pm Friday on 0330 058 2005
  • Write to us at Avro Energy, Wheatfield House, Wheatfield Way, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 1YG

We’ll do our best to sort out any issues the first time you contact us, and put things right for you within 5 working days or, if its quite complicated, within 8 weeks.

If you’re still not happy

We hope you’ll be satisfied with our response. If not, get in touch again and tell us you want your complaint referred to our Complaints Team and they’ll be in touch.

If it’s been 8 weeks since you first spoke to us, or we’ve sent you a deadlock letter and you’re still unhappy, you can refer your complaint to Citizens Advice — just go to citizensadvice.org.uk/energy or call 0345 404 0506.

You can also contact Energy Ombudsman — visit their website www.Ombudsman-Services.org/complain-now, email osenquiries@osenergy.org, or call 0330 440 1624.